Our impression of a city, apart from the contemporary urban identity but also the historical one, is also shaped by the quality of the public spaces in it. Public spaces should be functional, provide space for creativity, be accessible to all groups of society and provide security. Moreover, public spaces have an important role in the social and economic life of the inhabitants and communities that live and enjoy these spaces.

What is HAPUKS?
HAPUKS - The Public Spaces Platform in Kosovo established by EC Ma Ndryshe aims to reflect the state of public spaces of our cities, starting in 2020 with those of the city of Prizren. The platform has an interactive map where you can navigate the identified public spaces but also other information such as infographics, projects and the category of multimedia with additional literature.
The HAPUKS platform for the Municipality of Prizren was implemented within the project "rePUBLIC SPACES" which was financially supported by UN-HABITAT. The content of the platform does not necessarily reflect the official policy of UN-HABITAT.

What does this platform contain?
The HAPUKS platform provides information about the category and existing functions of public spaces, the elements and urban furniture they possess, access for people with disabilities and the elements that are missing from these spaces. The usability of the spaces is finally determined after taking into account all the above factors and the use of public space on an annual basis. The infographics also provide concrete recommendations on how to address issues related to improving the quality of public spaces.

How can I navigate or contribute?
Click here to view research categories and how to navigate the interactive map of the platform.

The platform HAPUKS can be updated by the audience, the community or even professionals by sending us an e-mail or photos at [email protected].